Atemlos Animation Collab

This is my animated sequence for the collaborative animation project by Daniel Bahr in 2017. It’s about the lethal effects of particulate matter.
14 animators were tapped to participate in this project, each one producing a segment of 10 seconds, according to their assigned section of the voice-over text.

animation character design particulate matter - christian effenberger
animation loop character heart attack - christian effenberger
animation still character blood particles - christian effenberger
animation loop character lung asthma - christian effenberger
animation character design heart lung syringe - christian effenberger
animation loop character cancer - christian effenberger
animation still character particulate matter swimming - christian effenberger
animation loop character syringe for diabetes - christian effenberger
animation sketch poses lung character - christian effenberger

AT3MLOS –  Film

The video above is the final result.
Subtitles available in English and German (CC).


Voice Over
Gordon Piedesack

Konstantin Flemig

Torben Stange
Lotte Hornstein
Fabian Friedrich
Elias Naphausen
Christian Effenberger
Dominik Liebherr
Johannes Kirschner
Anne-Celine Soenke
Balázs Böröcz
Daniel Brenner
Simon Greiner
Janis Aschberger
Frank Rosenkränzer
Daniel Bahr

Voice Recording
Kristen & Schmidt
Tonstudio und Musikproduktion

Hans-Peter Schumacher

Sound Design
Jonathan Heidger

Michael Schranner
AHA Film!

Daniel Bahr

Special Thanks
Julia Barton
Families & friends

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